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The PlayStation Plus service made its traditional monthly game update this month, and announced the games of the month of May . As you know, PS Plus service offers free games to its members every month with a monthly subscription fee ranging from 20-40 TL . In addition, the service has extra benefits such as playing online games. Therefore, it is possible to say that the audience waiting for these free games every month is quite large. Fortunately, the wait of this audience for the next month's games will not be longer, and frankly, the games of May will also pay off. Let's not add more and let's leave you alone with the PlayStation Plus May 2021games ...

Here are the PlayStation Plus games for May 2021

PS Plus does not break the tradition for the month of May and offers us 3 games. First of all, let's point out that if you own a PS5 console, you can play all of these games. Unfortunately, this is not the case for PS4 users. Because PS4 owners will be able to download only two of these three games. Fortunately, PS4 users will be able to play the most prominent and possibly the most downloaded game of the month. Anyway, let's not extend the talk any longer and let's get to know the PS Plus May 2021 games closely…

# 1- Battlefield V (PS4 and PS5)

Here are this month's featured game in front of you: Battlefield VI . Probably, most of our readers are familiar with the Battlefield series. That's why we think there is no need to talk at length about the series itself. But let's take a closer look at Battlefield V , the 16th game in the series . Of course, before going through our review , let's share the trailer ofthe game with you as follows:
Battlefield V, the member of the famous series released in 2018 , is about World War II . In this respect, at least thematically, we can say that it is the sequel to Battlefield 1, which was set in World War 1. So, if you've enjoyed Battlefield 1, you might want to give Battlefield V a shot, too. Returning to the topic, we should say that the game has 4 stories in the classic single player mode (campaign) . The stories called "War Stories" are as follows: "Under No Flag", "Nordlys", "Triailleur" and "The Last Tiger". . As for the stories, let's add that each of them tells a separate event of World War II.
On the gameplay and mechanics side, the shortest description we can make for Battlefield V is that the game is a classic first person shooter . Of course, it should be said that weapon dynamics and other mechanics are highly developed. In addition to these, the production, which is the signature of EA DICE , also has an enjoyable multiplayer mode . If you like to stress out with your friends in shooter games, you should definitely give this fashion a try. Finally, let's add that many of the bugs and technical problems found at the launch of the game have been fixed. In short, we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say Battlefield V is shouting “give me a chance”.
Metacritic Meta Score: 73

# 2- Stranded Deep (PS4 and PS5)

The second game in our PS Plus May games list is Stranded Deep. Developed by Beam Team Games, the production is about the survival of a plane crash survivor on the Pacific Islands. In fact, we can say that it is very similar to the famous Lost series as a subject . As a genre, as you can imagine, Stranded Deep is a classic survival game. That is, various materials etc. throughout the game. you collect and try to overcome the difficulties that the islands present to you. We can say that the most striking aspect of Stranded Deep is the different biomes and beautiful views it offers. Also, unlike classic survival games, the game has an "endgame", that is, an official ending. If all this sounds good to you, you might want to try the game.
Metacritic Meta Score: 63

# 3- Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last (PS5 only)

We came to the last game of our PS Plus May 2021 games list. Wreckfest is a racing game developed by BugBear Entertainment. Unfortunately, this game will not be available to all PlayStation Plus membership owners. Because, as we said, this game is only for PS5 users. If you are a gamer who likes racing games and burning tires crazy in these games, Wreckfest is a very fun game that you can do in this 4K 60 FPS . Actually, our game is classic Need For Speed and Burnout quite similar to productions like . However, compared to these, we can say that especially the collisions proceed one click more strategically. If this is in your head, you can actually access and play the game that will be officially available for PS5 on June 1st.
Metacritic Meta Score: 82
Note: You  can download thegamesstarting May 4th.
How did you find the games of this month? If you're not a subscriber, are these games quality enough to get you on the PlayStation Plus membership wheel, even for a month? Do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comments :)
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