Windows 10 update is causing problems with some printers

Windows 10 KB5000808 for November 2019 and in May 2020 for KB5000802 made updates to the exit. These new updates, which come to the system in March, bring solutions to some security problems . However, they seem to cause problems with some users' printers.

Those who have these updates according to the feedback; When they try to print something, they get a blue screen problem with an error text . Bleeping Computer reports that this problem occurs with various printer brands. There are various complaints related to the issue, especially on Reddit.

Some users seem to have fixed this problem by updating their printer drivers. However, as can be seen from many comments, this solution does not always work. A user allegedly a Microsoft employee on Reddit offered some solutions to the users on the platform. But many people could not get what they wanted with these solutions . Some users even mention that the problem was solved only by deleting the batch update. Of course, in this case, we can say that this does not make much sense as the security patches will also go away.
Bleeping Computer also notes that the Windows 10 KB5000802 update was withdrawn by the company. Although manual updates can be accessed; At least Microsoft has prevented updating using Windows Update for now.
In the article on the site of the company on the subject, the company states that they are doing research about the problem and will bring an update. Therefore, new developments are likely to come soon.
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