Microsoft Edge makes it easy to find the wanted website

much easier to understand and use search function is coming for the Microsoft Edge browser.

As seen in a new post for Microsoft 365 roadmapEdge v.89 will receive support for a new search in the address bar, history search page, and history page. With the new feature, Microsoft Edge will give more accurate results in searches.
According to what the company says; more so with the new version of the browser will update the user dialing flexible and varied an experience will allow. For example, users will be able to search for the content or topic of a previously visited site. In addition, the company will also provide the opportunity to search for a specific title or address with this function. In this way, Microsoft hopes that users can get more accurate data in search results.

Microsoft adds other features to the Edge browser

A few days ago, the company announced another functional feature for its browser. According to this new tool, a pre-filled text can be saved. Thus, this tool can be used in areas where automatic text filling does not work. Although not as effective and fast as normal automatic text filling; This tool is also a functional feature that will save the user time.
Apart from that, the company plans to bring other functions to its browser. Among them are features such as new internet tools, tab search, extension menu and news tool. These are also planned to be added to the browser in the next update.
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