Xbox reorganizes Stubbs the Zombie

Xbox has announced that it is reworking the cult classic Stubbs the Zombie for modern consoles. These consoles will meet with the player on March 16.

Xbox aligns Stubbs the Zombies with new consoles

As it is known, Wideload Games developed the game. This game developed is a third person action video game. This game met with the Xbox video game console in 2005. Also, the game arrived on Windows and Mac OS X one month after its original release date. However, it was featured on other video consoles and various platforms later.
Stubbs the Zombie is an action-packed game where you kill primary humans and eat their brains. It also enables these transformed zombies to fight alongside you by making the people you kill turn into zombies. As you eat human brains, your health percentage increases and you can stay more active in the game. Stubbs' zombie state prevents him from using any conventional weapons. Instead, various improvised combat techniques are used , most of which are made using a specific body part as explosive or temporary devices.
The company that published Stubbs the Zombie (Aspyr Media) was originally managing the port. The studio was recently working on bringing Star Wars Episode 1: Racer to modern consoles. Therefore, we can say that this remaster is in good hands.
Released in 2005, the game has become one of the rarest games to own the original Xbox in recent years. As it is known, the game came to Microsoft in 2005. In 2008, Microsoft released the game to the digital platform as an Xbox Originals title for Xbox 360. However, the company pulled it from the Xbox Live Marketplace towards the end of 2012.
Since there is no other way to play games, your only option is to have an original Xbox console. Some users prefer a physical copy as these consoles are very expensive. Especially for users in Turkey is very expensive game consoles and games are going to have this game console with more and different ways.
The cult classic, Stubbs the Zombie, is counting the days for these modern consoles whose fans are organized. What kind of impression the game will give on new consoles is a matter of curiosity.
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