BlueStacks 5 new version of BlueStacks released

The new version of the Android emulator BlueStacks is officially released as BlueStacks 5 beta. BS5, which works more performance and stability than its previous version, unfortunately does not have any upgrade in terms of Android operating system.

If you want to run the Android operating system on your Windows or MacOS device, you must use Android emulators. Among these emulators that allow us to run Android like a virtual machine, BlueStacks  is one of the most popular.

BlueStacks, which still maintains its position among the most preferred Android emulators, has been released today. According to the statement made by the developers of the emulator, users will now be able to try the latest version of BlueStacks in beta. According to the developers' statement, BlueStacks 5 has been completely rewritten.

BlueStacks 5 is out as beta!

BlueStacks 5 promises much faster boot, setup, and startup times than the emulator's fourth version released in 2018. The emulator seems to satisfy users at the point of efficiency with exactly 40% faster installation time and 40% less RAM usage. The developers of the emulator, on the other hand, explain this efficiency by the fact that BlueStacks 5 has a completely written structure.
I personally think BlueStacks 5 alone has one drawback; it is also the Android version. The emulator, still running Android 7 Nougat operating system, would have been nicer if it came out with minimum Android 9, at least on the software side. However, of course, this will not have any negative impact on the usability of the emulator.
If you want to try BlueStacks 5, you can install the beta version by clicking the link here. The size of the emulator, which should be installed via an external Installer, is 399 MB .
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