Microsoft has solved the Defender problem that has been going on for over ten years

For nearly twelve years, Microsoft has resolved the bug affecting the Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender) antivirus programThe issue called CVE-2021-24092 affects many computers with operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

The issue found by security researchers SentinelOne late last year; Microsoft Defender was facilitating attacks of malicious code injection into system files. It did this by using the Defender program's feature to replace malicious files with benign files. So much so that because Defender did not check the newly created files, the attackers could set up a system where the wrong files would be deleted or continue to run.

According to Microsoft, only Windows 10 about over a billion more Defender users are present. Therefore, this long-standing error also raised some concerns.
But fortunately there is no evidence that this vulnerability was exploited. Despite this, as stated by SentinelOne; It is also possible for attackers to try to use it, as it was recently announced to the majority. The new update to the program also tries to solve exactly this.
Although it is less likely to forget this update from Microsoft due to the software used by businesses, there is also the possibility that this error, which has been ongoing since the 2009 version of the program, may be overlooked by people running older operating systems . Therefore, for information on whether their programs are protected; It seems healthier for users to check Microsoft Defender updates themselves .
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