Intel Comet Lake variant may come with a new processor

According to new information, we can see a new version of the 10900K chip from Intel Comet Lake processors. So much so that in the list of a software program shared by Intel detected by Tom's HardwareThe processors considered for the Crysis Remastered game package are mentioned. Among the shared processors, the name 10900KS can be seen as well as the normal 10900K and 10900KF.

Accordingly, it is possible that a new processor is on the way . Especially considering the new generation Rocket Lake chips that will be released in March ; New processors of the 10th generation variant are likely to precede them.
Among the talk is that this processor will be a special version. So Intel will choose the most outstanding parts for this processor. Therefore, a small increase in the processor's clock speed is likely to be observed. A similar situation 5.0ghz rising rate 9900KS we see in the processor.

However, other situations are possible. It is also possible that what we see is a mistake made by the company. However, the probability of the processors with the 10900KS code is not at all low. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, if they come, they can be presented with the Crysis Remastered game.
In addition to this move, which corresponds to the AMD side that has a stock problem, Intel is also going to discount some Comet Lake processors. Therefore, the competition between the two companies seems to go further with different moves.

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