Do not shoot your friends after the new Call of Duty update!

A new update is coming for Call of Duty games. Now hitting your friends in multiplayer mode will unfortunately come at a price.

Do not shoot your teammates intentionally after the next update for Call of Duty!

The recent rising star of the game world is the Call of Duty series. The game series, which managed to return to its old days, manages to reach more players every day. The producers, who managed to keep the game alive with new in-game updates, are very close to finding a solution to a big problem. The issue of shooting your teammate, which is common in multiplayer mode, is no longer a problem for the series. Producers now penalize players who hit their teammate and repeat it a second time.

Players who repeat the same mistake will start to lose their health. In this way, it is planned to protect the seriousness of the game. Despite all this, players who repeat the same error two more times will be out of the game. We 've seen a similar method of protection before in Rainbow Six Siege. While the scores of the players who hit their teammate decreased, they remained marked on the scoreboard throughout the game. With this update for Cold War and Warzone, players will undoubtedly have a more comfortable experience. Let's see if Call of Duty players will be satisfied with the new structure after the update. You can also find other notes for the update here.
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