Post Malone will give a virtual concert for Pokemon's 25th anniversary!

Pokemon 25th anniversary celebrations are starting. Famous singer Post Malone is among the artists participating in the virtual concert caravan. MalonePokemon will give a concert for virtual

First released in Japan in 1996 for GameboyPokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary. It was also highly appreciated with the Pokemon cartoon on every Nintendo console. It was born from the ashes years later with the latest Pokemon Go game.

Post Malone will be the lead actor of the Pokemon event

The digital event will begin on February 27 at 19:00 on YouTube . You can watch the preview video with a look at the animated Pixar-ish version of the singer at the link below.
Pokemon Company International had talked about a series of musical events called P25 last month. Pop star Katy Pery will make the headline in this series. You will also be able to watch the Post Malone event for free on YouTubeTwitch, and the event's official website.
Fortnite had made one of the big moves in virtual concert. Travis Scott's Fornite performance brought a different breath to the entire online gaming industry. Especially during the pandemic period, events such as concerts were eagerly awaited by users. As a result, it is of course exciting to see famous and popular artists on online game maps as animations.
Pokemon goes one step further from being born from the ashes with this move. First of all, it is expected that more users will hear the name and record attendance to the concert. It is a matter of curiosity whether such events will come from other companies in the near future. Of course, we love sitting at the computer, an artist's concert for free will be able to watch in and it was pretty exciting.
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