Qualcomm also opposes Nvidia Arm deal

The acquisition of the UK-based Arm processor company by Nvidia has been criticized by many authorities. Now, another well-known processor company Qualcomm has also expressed its opinion on the subject.

Commenting on the United States Trade Commission, the European Commission, as well as the UK and Chinese authorities, Nvidia; He said they were against the agreement in question. Apart from that, there are also authorities that have already initiated research on the agreement.
Meanwhile, the FTC, the United States Trade Commission, also moved to the second stage of its research. According to two sources speaking to CNBC, the commission; Softbank asked Arm and Nvidia to provide more information on the deal. It seems likely that the requested information will take some time to arrive. Because what is required are not small-scale documents; and the commission will ask for the opinions of other companies before making a decision.
In addition, Qualcomm decided to conduct its own research worldwide. According to the company, this will have a significant impact on whether the Nvidia-Arm collaboration is approved or not.
On the other hand, Nvidia in a speech he gave to CNBC; He mentions that the authorities are confident that the research will find this agreement useful.
Arm processors are currently used in 95% of smartphones around the world. Therefore, according to Qualcomm and some other companies, it will be much more difficult to use the company's processors if this agreement is approvedTherefore, Qualcomm is not the only processor company that opposes this agreement.
It is very difficult for us to know whether the Nvidia Arm deal will be approved until the research is complete. Considering the potential magnitude of the deal and its effects, this process seems to be a bit longer.
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