Alder Lake-S looks like it will come solid with support for DDR5 RAM

An engineering sample of Intel's future 10nm processor processor appeared in a benchmark test. It seems that the Alder Lake-S processor with big.LITTLE infrastructure surpasses the i9-9900K chip.

Several benchmark tests of the Intel next generation processor, which is scheduled to arrive in late 2021, have surfaced on the internet. In one of them, DDR5 RAM support can be seen. At the same time , we see the base clock speed of the processor as 2.2GHz. This is the highest speed we have ever seen in Alder Lake-S processors in terms of base clock frequency.
The place where the tests of the 12th generation processors are displayed is Geekbench 4.4. However, as reported by Videocardz, the test had a hard time distinguishing the architecture of the new processor. So much so that the increased clock rate exceeds 27.2GHz . It is not difficult to guess that this is simply a mistake.

As we have already communicated, the processor has eight high-performance "Golden Cove" cores. eight also have efficiency cores named "Gracemont". Although it is not known from which core the base clock speed is measured, it is estimated that it is probably from Gracemont cores.

Alder Lake-S surpasses the i9-9900KThe 2.2GHz speed of the processor seems to be much less than the i9-9900K with a single core and 3.6GHz speed. However, in Geekbench 4.4 performance scores , we see that Alder Lake-S exceeded the i9-9900K by close to 100 points in a single coreIn the multi-core, on the other hand, it scores a clear difference with an interval of approximately 12,000 points.
It is important to note, however, that there is still a lot unknown about the engineering sample tested. Because we have also witnessed different processor frequencies related to the Alder Lake-S processor before. Therefore, it is not known whether the one shown here is another processor or a more advanced version of previous versions.

But as we said, we can say that Alder Lake-S processors will probably be DDR5 RAM supported. In addition, the processor will also offer PCIe 5.0 support. On the AMD Ryzen processors side, although we cannot see such an attack for now; AMD company states that the 5nm and Zen 4 architectures planned to be released in 2022 will have DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 support.
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