Clubhouse is banned in China!

Clubhouse is the most popular app of the last days. So much so that the value of the application, which provides the opportunity to speak loudly through private rooms and within the framework of a certain subject, has exceeded 1 billion US dollars in a short time. Although the source of this popularity is the western world, the practice has made great success in China in recent days. However, it seems that the Clubhouse adventure in China ends shortly after the start ...

Clubhouse bid farewell to China after its great popularity in a short time

This morning, Clubhouse users in China noticed something interesting when they wanted to enter the app. As usual, users who opened the application received an error warning "SSL Error". Thereupon, users who shared the status in WeChat groups started looking for a solution. Chinese tech lovers, who have not yet found a solution to enter the application, realized that the Clubhouse website is still accessible and headed here for now. In addition, let's remind you that the app has been disabled for a long time on the official AppStore of China . However, before this current ban, the Chinese who had the Clubhouse application on their phones could connect to the platform without any problems.

The Chinese government has not made an official statement on this issue yet. However, the authorities monitoring the censorships in China consider this to be strictly a government ban. Benjamin İsmail, a member of the censorship monitoring site "", is of the same opinion. İsmail said, “This is definitely a ban imposed by the state. However, Apple will be the most profitable. Because the Chinese government will be responsible for the ban instead of Apple" He spoke in the form.

The Chinese showed great interest in practice

The news of Clubhouse's blocking came after the application gained momentum in China. So much so that the citizens of the People's Republic of China have recently loved Clubhouse. The reason for this was that they could speak freely in practice without being subject to state censorship. In fact, the Chinese, the 1989 Tiananmen protestsUyghur camps; and even taboo political issues in China, such as Taiwan independence, in practice. Moreover, it was said that the Chinese paid $ 60 for the invitations of the platform, which can be used based on invitation. In summary, it is obvious that Chinese users love the application very much. Clubhouse Although it is obvious that they will not want to give up this big market easily, it seems difficult for Chinese users to get the application again soon ...

Source: TechCrunchReuters
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