Apple blocks sites containing the word "Asian" with adult content filter

It turned out that Apple does not allow entering URLs containing the word "asian" with the Safari browser while the adult content filter is turned on in the iOS and iPadOS operating systems. While there is no explanation from Apple on the subject; a software developer says he reported this to Apple but didn't get any response.

Safari is on the agenda with an interesting problem

As you know, Apple's operating systems iOS and iPadOS have the feature of blocking adult content websites. When we give our phones to our little children/siblings, we can prevent them from accessing inappropriate websites with this feature. But at the moment, this filtering mechanism of Apple has come up with an interesting problem.

Apple leaves users who activate the "adult content filter" on their phone or tablet with a strange problem. According to the problem discovered by a software developer Steven Shen, those who turn on the adult content filter cannot log in to URLs containing the word "asian" on Safari.

If you turn on the "Limit Adult Websites" option under Screen Time> Content Limiting on iOS, Safari blocks all website URLs containing the word "asian". Unbelievable! Really, go and try it. I gave feedback a long time ago; but nothing has changed.

Apple's blocking of the word "asian" in the Safari browser is actually not surprising if you look at it. Because "asian" is one of the first terms that comes to mind when it comes to adult websites. Of course, it is not right for Apple to take such a radical decision. Ultimately, however, exceptions, unfortunately, do not break the rule. By the way, Apple's not just the word "asian"; Let's add that it also blocks words such as "mature", "young", "amateur".
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