Huawei will release HarmonyOS-based EMUI 11.1 in March!

Huawei will release the EMUI 11.1 software update this year, which is the continuation of the EMUI 11 user interface. It is stated that EMUI 11.1, which is expected to be released next month, will be based on the HarmonyOS operating system.

Some reports that have emerged so far have claimed that Huawei will end its “EMUI” series after EMUI 11. It was said that Huawei, which opened the beta version of its own operating system HarmonyOS 2.0 to Chinese developers, will no longer develop a new EMUI upgrade update . But it looks like it's too soon for Huawei to do this.

EMUI 11.1 coming in March

EMUI 11.1 will be released next month, according to the posts of Weibo user, known for leaks related to Huawei products. EMUI 11.1, which is based on Huawei's HarmonyOS operating system, will not have major changes; However, Huawei EMUI 11.1 will fix some performance issues in EMUI 11 in the user interface. In addition, with EMUI 11.1, users will also encounter some aesthetic innovations.

Besides, EMUI 11.1 will be a very important milestone for Huawei users. Because, according to reports, EMUI 11.1 is not Android this time; It is stated that it will be released based on HarmonyOS. At the same time, after EMUI 11.1, Huawei's smartphones will have full support for HarmonyOS. In other words, EMUI 11.1 users will be able to switch to HarmonyOS unconditionally.

HarmonyOS also supports Android apps

Huawei's operating system HarmonyOS not only appeals to Huawei users,  but also to Android users. According to the information received, Huawei will allow HarmonyOS users to run Android applications on their phones as they wish. So you will be able to easily install an Android application in .apk format to HarmonyOS.
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