Google will completely delete your Play Music data this month!

Google Play Music, which started to be closed gradually as of October 22, 2020, will have the final blow at the end of this month. On February 24th, Google will officially unplug Play Music; It should also be noted that user data will be completely deleted from the platform on this date.

Google started to gradually shut down its Play Music service all over the world from October 22, 2020. The closure process, which is often reminded by Google, was officially implemented on this date. Since then, Play Music is unavailable from the app or from the  website Users encounter a minor error that Google Play Music is no longer available when they try to open the service.

Saying that users should transfer all their data to YouTube Music with a final reminder, Google will now take this opportunity away from us at the end of February. On February 24, 2021, Google will delete all user data in Play Music. So, we will not be able to transfer our Play Music data to YouTube Music from this date.

Google Play Music is no longer available!

So if you're reading this news before February 24, your time is getting shorter to transfer your Play Music data. If you do not transfer your data to YouTube Music by February 24, your following data will be permanently deleted:
  • Your music library
  • Your suggestion history
  • Your downloaded music
  • Your playlists
The Play Music Android app not only warns users that the app is no longer in use, but also asks them to transfer their data to YouTube Music . Likewise, when you try to access your content from Play Music's website, you encounter a notification that the service is no longer active and you have a chance to transfer your data to YouTube Music for a limited time.

However, it should be reminded that Google continues to offer Play Music service according to the countries at this point. For example   , according to the Android Authority team, some users in South Africa, the UK, and India are still able to access Play Music's app and website. In Turkey, I noticed that when I tried to shut down.
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