Intel may bring 8 core processor laptop processor in June

Intel Tiger Lake processors may get stronger towards the end of the second quarter of this year. So much so that according to rumors, 8-core processors are likely to join the current series.

Intel has previously confirmed that 8-core processors are on their wayHowever, now that it has been detected by VideoCardz on Reddit on the share of the laptop manufacturer XMGTiger Lake H45 processors that will have 45W TDP (power consumption) will arrive before entering the second half of 2021.

XMG representative also mentioned Intel chips in his share regarding AMD and Nvidia supply. The representative stated that the current XMG laptops will come with 6 and 8 core Tiger Lake processors; He said that it was talked about the exit of these traders will be at the end of the second quarter of the year. The representative also stated that when the time comes , they will move many XMG products from Comet Lake to Tiger Lake H45. Finally, it was noted that AMD and Intel processors may be offered in parallel in some families.

As we said, this information is no more than a rumor for now . However, information from other sources is also targeting the end of the second quarter, probably June. However, considering the current environment and supply situation, it should not be surprising if there is flexibility in such calendars.

As we know before, Intel's 4-core Tiger Lake chips are already quite impressive. Therefore, it is among those who are wondering how the performance of the 8-core new processors will be. In particular, the company AMD 4000 The Ryze newly developed and began to remove Ryze 5000 Intel's competitors in this field when a processor such as the efforts to respond likely to show.
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