Google Chrome update will close a major security hole

Google has released a new update with an important security patch for the Chrome internet browser. The resolved vulnerability known as CVE-2021-21148 has been in use for a while.

The tech giant did not give much detail about the vulnerability in order not  to trigger other threats. Likewise, under the firm's not sharing much information; There is also the possibility of having the same error and thinking of third party applications that have no solution.
On the other hand, according to what is shared, this error has a "high" level of risk. Security researcher Mattias Buelens found the vulnerabilityThus, the role played by fault finding programs in creating a safe online space is underlined.

The automatic update feature of the Google Chrome browser will bring the new version of the browser. However, if users do not restart their Chrome browser or computer frequently, disruptions can occur. Considering the importance of this update, we can say that it is a good idea not to delay too much.
Failure to provide information about the error by Google prevents us from learning which gaps have been closed. However, as reported by ZDNet, immediately after Buelens' announcement, Microsoft reported an attack by North Korean hackers that was thought to have been made using the Chrome vulnerability. Therefore, some cybersecurity researchers think these two events are linked.

Google's security team seems to have been working very hard on system vulnerabilities lately. So much so that, in addition to the patches recently brought for other errors, Google; It has been trying to remove malicious add-ons from the Web Store page for a while .
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