Twitter carries many of its transactions to the Google Cloud platform

Twitter announced its new strategic collaboration with Google Cloud. In this way, the information processing and analysis process of the social media platform will be more efficient. It is also among the plans to increase performance for end users.

According to the announced cooperation, Twitter also transfers offline analytics data, computing and machine workload to Google's Information Cloud system.

Twitter has actually been working with Google Cloud since 2018. However, this new deal will help the company process the enormous amounts of information users generate daily.

Company CTO Parag Agrawal also made a related statement on Twitter . Stating that their cooperation with Google Cloud was successful, Agrawal; He underlined that this situation increases the productivity of their teams. In addition to learning new things from their own data, the relationship they have with Google technologies ; He also states that it adds speed to them and enables them to offer more relevant content to users. Finally, Agrawal notes that keen to continue they are trying to produce more technology with Google that will lead the industry.

If we make a little information about this; This data is saved when a user hits the like button or sharesmessage on Twitter. Thus, the company tries to better understand the content that is of interest to that user. Considering the activity on Twitter right now, there is quite a lot of data to be captured and processed.

With Google Cloud, Twitter is trying to create convenience right here. In this way, the company has new data processing tools and solutions . If we consider the growth rate of the social media platform, it seems that this cooperation can offer them an important solution .
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