We are able to try out the Mozilla Firefox new look

We've known for some time that the Mozilla Firefox browser will be getting a new look. In the past weeks, some information about the new interface Proton UI has also emerged. New ones continue to join this information.

Some of the general and menu innovations have emerged with the update in the latest nightly versions of the browser. It is also possible to try the renewed New Tab menu with more customization options.

The new version of the Firefox menu looks much cleaner and simpler than before. As experienced in previous models and designs, it has become more useful. For example Options and Print from the browser options such as icons disappeared. Instead, the browser has been made entirely text-based.

Besides, Mozilla uses other ways to clear the menu. So much so that less items can now be seen in the menu . Therefore, the menu is a bit shorter than usual. Apart from that, Firefox, Protections, Library and Personalization parts seem to be gone. We can see other menu parts with a different name or a changed location.
The revamped New Tab page makes customization even easier with the Personalize button . The innovations give the user various options. It is now possible to edit the order of the site shortcuts displayed from this section . You can also choose whether to show Snippet and Pocket suggestions .
We can access the updated New Tab page by following the following ways:
  • After opening the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to аbout: config
  • Type browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.newNewtabExperience.enabled in the search field 
  • Setting true  Set
  • Then restart Firefox browser
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