The original version of World of Tanks is finally coming to Steam!

World of Tanks, which is very popular among those who like action and war-themed games, will come to the Steam library in 2021. The good news announced by the developer of the game seems to be enjoyed by Steam users.

World of Tanks, which is very popular among multiplayer war games, was first released in 2010; In the post World of Tanks Blitz the version is Android and iOS was presented to the user. Wargaming, which has since deprived Steam users of the original version of the game, finally gave up this stubbornness.

According to the statement made by Wargaming, the original version of World of Tanks will meet Steam users in 2021. However, the most important detail unknown at this point is when exactly the game will be added to Steam. Wargaming officials have not yet shared any clear information on the subject. For now, the authorities are content with just sharing a short video of the game.

At the same time, World of Tanks developers have already added information about the game to Steam. If you wish, you can use the link here to access the game's Steam page. Afterwards, you can access photos and videos related to the game from this page and add them to your wish list if you wish.
The following information is available on the Steam page of the World of Tanks game:
Take command of one of over 600 vehicles from World War II and the mid-20th century and prove yourself against players from all over the world. Take action and experience the thrill of epic PVP battles that focus equally on tactics and combat!
More than 600 tanks and military vehicles from the largest tank manufacturer countries in history are at your fingertips! Try each of the 5 vehicle types and get to know their unique roles on the battlefield. Discover combat vehicles to suit your play style by experimenting with a variety of genre and country combinations.

World of Tanks promotional video

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