Another competitor from Huawei to Google: Petal Translate

A brand new competitor called "Petal Translate" is coming to the Translate service of the US technology giant Google. The trademark application for Petal Translate, developed by Huawei, has already been completed and has been formalized by the competent authorities.

Huawei continues to increase the number of digital services it has developed under the Petal brand. So far, Petal Maps, Search Petal, Petal Mail service with Google and other technology manufacturers Huawei's competitors who once told this to Petal Translate is working on a translation service has emerged.

Huawei, which made a trademark application for Petal Translate with the application number 53487717 to the legal authorities in its homeland, did not provide information about how the new digital service will be. It is stated that Petal Translate, whose official brand logo is not revealed, will offer translation services between many popular languages, especially English, German and Chinese.

Huawei Petal Translate to rival Google

Currently the most popular among translation services, Google Translate supports more than 100 languages. In addition, Google Translate does not only translate text; At the same time, it can instantly translate sentences we speak into the target language. However, we can translate texts in all kinds of documents and photographs into any language, thanks to Google Translate.

So you will understand, Google's Translate service serves its users with very useful and functional features. Huawei will also need to invest heavily in the Petal Translate service to fully compete with Google. So much so that Microsoft and Yandex also have translation services within themselves; But even these services are not tough competitors to Google.

If you remember, Huawei rivaled Google's Maps application with Petal Maps, which it developed itself. In fact, the company claimed that Petal Maps could offer "the best location accuracy". If Huawei takes similar assertive approaches with Petal Translate and can really meet this claim, then we can say that it will be a fierce competitor to Google. However, as long as it does not have any appeal, it does not seem possible for those who are accustomed to use Google Translate to adopt it.
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