Windows 10 May 2020 update now available to everyone

Microsoft had only sent the update to certain people due to the errors and problems it had previously. Now, the company has opened the Windows 10  May 2020 update to general distribution.

As discovered by MS Power User, in a status update to the May 2020 version, Microsoft; He stated that the 2004 version, namely the 2020 May version, is available for general distribution.
For a while, it was known that Microsoft was trying to fix the problems with the May 2020 update . However, it naturally took time for them to make the version completely healthy. About six months.

However, if we look at the current data from AdDuplex, we can see that the Windows 10 May 2020 version is already the most used Windows 10 version. The May 2020 version used by 39.8% of users is followed by the November 2019 version with 31.2%. The newest October 2020 version is in third place with 16.8%The May 2019 version is 6.6% in use as of January 2021have the rate. Although these data are data from limited people, we can still say that they are sufficient to give a general view.

Although Microsoft has fixed most of the issues in its May 2020 version, there are still some known issues. Among these are mainly audio drivers incompatibility, as can be seen in the status update. These types of problems have the possibility to prevent some devices from updating, even if they are minor . However, the company also notes that it will bringsolution to this soon.

Finally, let's remind you that the main big update is May 2020, and the November 2020 update is relatively minor. The same thing previously mentioned for 2021 next year first update will be valid for. In other words, the update will be activated with a small activation button from within the system. Therefore it is worth underlining that the May 2020 update is no different from the latest versions, except for a few changes.
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