ASUS announces ROG Keris FPS gaming mouse lineup

ASUS  Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced the ROG Keris gaming mouse lineup, consisting of wired and wireless models. The wireless model attracts attention with its weight of only 79 grams, three different connection modes and a 16,000 dpi sensor.

Wired; This mouse, which can be used in 2.4 GHz RF or Bluetooth® LE modes, has a special slot design and ROG Micro Switch that allows it to be fixed by special pushing. In addition, the mouse, which uses buttons made of polybutylene terephlatate (PBT) polymer, also has ROG Omni mouse feet, ROG Paracord and Aura Sync RGB lighting.

Designing suggestions from e-sports professionals

ROG took the input of professional gamers in the design of this mouse line. The result is an extremely ergonomic gaming mouse. The design of the product allows each player to grasp comfortably and control it precisely, even though the hand sizes are different.

Three different connection modes

ROG Keris Wireless; It can be connected via USB, ultra-fast RF 2.4 GHz wireless or energy efficient Bluetooth LE. While RF 2.4 GHz is ideal for gaming, Bluetooth LE provides excellent performance for daily tasks. Both ROG Keris models feature a specially tuned 16,000 dpi, 400 ips optical sensor. In addition, both models have a 1000 Hz query rate.

Push-lock ROG switch socket and ROG Micro Switch

The special slot design that provides the possibility of fixing by pushing makes it extremely easy to change the key. Users can determine the pressure and reaction according to their own preferences, and replace the broken keys. The new ROG Micro Switch offers durability with gold-plated electronic junctions that last 70 million clicks.
With ROG's rigorous manufacturing, each switch is individually inspected and left and right switches separated and matched. The pressing force is then kept within a range of +/- 5 grams for a consistent click feel.

 Strong and light

The honeycomb-shaped interior design ensures structural strength while keeping weight to a minimum. ROG Keris Wireless only weighs 79 g, ROG Keris 62 g (excluding cable).

Optimized for gaming

Durable and anti-slip left and right mouse buttons made of PBT are resistant to wear and glare even after long use. In this way, the look and feel of the mouse is always the same. ROG Keris Wireless has two black side keys. These can be changed with gray and pink keys according to personal preference.

Keris and Keris Wireless have ROG Paracord, an extremely flexible and lightweight cable. This cable prevents snagging and increases mobility. The high port on the mouse creates a gap between the cable and the usage surface, reducing cable drag and noise.
ROG Keris's 100% Teflon (PTFE) feet are 25% smoother than other gaming mice. Thus, it provides an effortless and precise use on every surface. Testing for design revealed that mouse feet and orientation affect the experience of use more than size.
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