Almost 100 million people played Call of Duty every month in 2020!

Call of Duty continues to take the game world by storm. Activision announced that more than 100 million people played the popular game series every month in 2020.

More than 100 million people have played Call of Duty on all platforms!

Action conflict games, which have an important place in the game world, continue to develop. Call of Duty series, one of the most important brands in this category , continues to please its fans. Distributed by Activision , the game series had quite a lot of players in 2020 . The company officially announced that more than 100 million people played the game every month in 2020. In the report, which includes all platforms, it was learned that the most preferred game is Warzone.

Warzone, which is free to play, has 85 million registered players, although it was released in March 2020. That's why the lion's share of success belongs to this game. In the report, in which the Black Ops Cold War game also has an important place, the Call of Duty series managed to make a big difference to the games made by BlizzardWorld of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Overwatch games from Blizzard made 29 million monthly players. Activision stating that they will put Warzone in the center in particularhopes that success continues. Although we take into account that some numbers may bubble due to the pandemic, there is a great success. Activision, which is preferred by the players, thus managed to come up with good news after a long time.
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