GeForce Now is a year old with new games and M1 support

GeForce Now, the cloud game service of Nvidia, which overthrew a year, brings new games in February13 of the more than 30 games in the future have been activated.
Apart from that, as we mentioned last week, the service received the official support of Google Chrome. However, as expected, GeForce Now application support would also come on macOS devices with M1 processors. Support for new Macs became active yesterday.

With the update coming to M1 processor MacBook or Mac mini devices, it is possible for users to download version 2.0.27 of the application.
Nvidia also shared some statistics with users as the first anniversary celebration. One of the most prominent of these, we can see that there are 175 million hours spent in the system in total.

GeForce Now currently supports 800 different games. Of course, Nvidia company among the plans to go to this number to increase in the ranks. Especially the efforts exerted meat covered by each company for this Thursday day GFN (GeForce Now) Thursday under the name of the new game for the system brings. We can also see that this day and event is defined as a "weekly celebration of new games, features and news" in terms of Nvidia.
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