Instagram will make a significant change in the way stories are used

Social media platform Instagram is preparing to change the way Stories feature is used. In the new use case that is currently in the experimental process, we will now scroll up between stories.

Social media platforms inspire each other from time to time and revise themselves; An example of this is the Stories feature, which Instagram has developed with inspiration from Snapchat. The Stories feature, which was made available to users of all social networks, including Instagram, and then LinkedIn, finally came to Twitter. The feature, which is also available on another social media platform TikTok, works a little differently on this platform.

Normally we slide our finger left and right to move from one story to the next and the previous one; but this is not the case with TikTok. If you are using it, you definitely know that in TikTok, we need to slide our finger up to switch between stories. In other words, TikTok appeals to its users with its vertically scrolling stories.

This use of TikTok in stories seems to have liked its rival Instagram. Because Instagram will soon bring its stories into a vertically scrolling form. Normally, we had to slide our finger left and right to jump from one story to another on Instagram. However, thanks to the innovation added to the platform, we will slide our finger up and downto switch between stories.

Instagram didn't make new stories feature public

The platform, operating under Facebook, told the TechCrunch team that they wanted to change the way stories are used. Underlining that the new way of use is still in the prototype stage, Instagram did not say when the feature will go public. On the other hand, a software developer Alessandro Paluzzi stated that he can view the new feature by reverse engineering.

As can be seen from the screenshot shared by Alessandro Paluzzi on his social media account, Instagram will first warn users. The platform, which says that the transition between stories will now be done by shifting up, will also give users the opportunity to apply this innovation immediately if they wish.
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