Valve to pay $4 million to Corsair due to Steam Controller

Valve will pay Corsair $4 million in compensation for copyright infringement during Steam Controller design and production.

Valve owns the largest online game sales platform in the world. The company has been generating very high revenues thanks to Steam, although it has not developed games properly for years. Of course, this does not prevent the company from trying new things. The US company does some experiments with new products it offers to consumers from time to time. However, Valve has not had much success with these products yet. For example, the company has released a "console" that runs a customized version of Linux, which is essentially a computer in the past. Similarly, a while ago Valve also introduced the wireless game controller called Steam ControllerSteam Controller, which has a very interesting design ,The company was in trouble. The controller, which initially sold quite badly and was eventually sold for $5 to sell stock, raised new problems. Valve will pay Corsair $4 million for a lost lawsuit.

Valve will pay $ 4 million due to Steam Controller

The US game company is on the agenda with a particularly interesting case. Valve was discovered to have made a serious error when it was first released with Steam Controller. When the company was developing the wireless controller, it turned out that it violated a patent owned by another company. About this topic Valve to stimulate companies, Valve took a pause of sales pale in court. Corsair continued the case where the company left off, which was sold to Corsair before the case was concluded. Washington District Court concluded the matter today, Valve's $milliondecided to pay compensation. The interesting part is that this lawsuit and the compensation can be avoided quite easily. The company that filed the lawsuit is currently leasing the technologies they developed to companies such as MicrosoftValve only had to deal with the company in question in the process. However, the game developer chose the hard way instead and lost it. Stay tuned for new developments on the subject...
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