Clubhouse app value reaches $1 billion

In recent days, the name sounds quite bahsettiren based social networking Clubhouse is growing rapidly in many countries. The market value of the application, which received a large amount of investment in a short time, reached 1 billion dollars.

Clubhouse; It is a social media application where you can create a user profile, join rooms on various topics, talk and set up your own rooms. The application that entered our lives in a short time and very quickly; An environment where interaction takes place by speaking or listening instead of written or visual streams such as Instagram and Twitter. Thus, written and visual information pollution is also eliminated.
The voice chat application Clubhouse, which only iPhone users can enter by invitation, has reached a value of 1 billion dollars with the effect of 2 million users, although less than a year has passed since its establishment. The interest of the application; It is attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic limiting social communication globally and being an alternative that can offer "chat warmth".

The Clubhouse has chat rooms on a variety of topics, including experts, politicians and celebrities from many disciplines. The topics discussed in the chat rooms are deleted after the room is closed because it is only audio and cannot be recorded.

In practice, music, cinema, culture, art and beauty are many chat room to discuss issues such as. In addition, each user is given the right to invite one person. However, depending on the frequency of using the application, this number can go up to four over time.

As a result, due to the rapid appreciation of the Clubhouse in recent days, it is in the focus of investors. In the last round of funding, Clubhouse generated $ 100 million in revenue. In addition, it was stated that among the implementation plans for the future, public offering is also included. Application; He wants to generate income through donation, ticket sales and subscription systems.
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