How to turn on tab scrolling feature of Chrome browser?

If you are a Google Chrome user, you know more or less the difficulty of controlling dozens of tabs opened. Although there are many add-ons available to manage this, Google is not idle about it. The new tab options that the company is trying to bring to the browser can be opened with a hidden setting. Thus, when the tabs are too large to fit on the bar, it is possible to switch between them by scrolling with the mouse.

The beta version is not required to use this feature of the Chrome browserHowever, the function is not turned on by default For the feature to work, Chrome 88 version must be used. The feature can then be activated by following these steps:
  • After opening the Chrome browser, go to chrome://flags
  • Type Scrollable TabStrip in the search field
  • TabStrip scrollable menu that can be opened to the bottom next to the title Enabled  Choose
  • However, if you set the Scrollable TabStrip Buttons section to Enabled; In addition to scrolling with your mouse, two arrows will appear on the top bar for you to scroll.
  • Then, if you restart the browser by pressing Relaunch, the changes will be applied to the browser.

However, there are some extra options in the Chrome 90 version. After following these steps, the user can also adjust how much the tabs will be shrunk when tab scrolling is opened in this version. These different options we mentioned are opened in the Scrollable TabStrip section. According to the four different options that can be seen outside of Enabled, you can also adjust whether the tabs are minimized or not, and their size.
You can experiment with the settings to find out which one will suit you. However, it should be noted that this is an experimental feature and may not be seen in the fixed version.
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