Google Chrome will no longer work on some older processors

According to the statement of the Chromium developer team, it will cut support forold x86 processors that do not support SSE3. The new application willcome with Chrome 89.

With this move, the expected change in the use of Google Chrome is very low. Because the processors that this will affect mostly include pre- Intel Core 2 Duo chips. So much so that post-2005 processors already have SSE3 supportTherefore, the processors to be affected by this situation should be about 15 years old.
In addition, the only system affected by this situation is Windows. Because Mac, Android and Chrome OS systems already require SSE3 support to work. Apart from that, the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is also likely to be affected by this change.

There is no official explanation as to why support for such older processors has been lostBut as we mentioned, if we consider that the majority of the users have enough innovative processors; The increase in performance that will come with the cessation of support seems to be enough to justify this situation.
Thus, starting from the Chrome 89 version, systems that do not comply with the minimum processor requirements will not be able to install Google Chrome . The system will fail if the application is attempted to openDevices on which these changes will be applied will begin to receive warnings about the end of hardware support as of Chrome 87.

If you have pre-SSE3 processors such as Intel Atom or Celeron M; For more detailed information on the subject, you can take a look at this page where the changes made are shared.
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