Ubisoft+ may come to Game Pass in 2021

Ubisoft +'s 2021 in Xbox Game Pass' to be included in the new rumors emerged of. E Play 'in the Game Pass advent of 2021 was deferred. After the Xbox and PlayStation's new consoles were released, the competition between them had recently been stopped. However, when Ubisoft + and EA Play come to Game Pass  competition seems to increase again. The list containing the 2021 claims about Xbox was published on Twitter.

10 rumors about 2021 for Xbox on the list

Idle Sloth account,  in 2021 on the year the Xbox rumors of Twitter 'was published. Ubisoft +'s Game Pass Adding ranks 6th in the list.

  1. Inxile Entertainment isworking ona Steampunk -themed RPG. Thegame is assumed to be the highest budget game ever developed for the Xbox after Halo.
  2. Obsidian is developing 6 new projects, 3 of which are AAA RPGs.
  3. Xbox has acquired the rights to a previously announced major AAA project that will be released in 2021.
  4. xCloud will enter many new platforms, including iOS and Samsung TVs, next year.
  5. Several games, including Forza Horizon 5Starfield and Wolfenstein 3, will be released exclusively to the Xbox ecosystem.
  6. Ubisoft+EA Play like Xbox Game Pass' to be included.
  7. XboXbox Live Gold'u will remove or Game Pass' e will be included. Free to Play games do not require a subscription.
  8. MMO All non- Bethesda / ZeniMax games Xbox exclusive will.
  9. Microsoft will buy Sega.
  10. Microsoft has purchased two new game studios, one large and one small, except for Bethesda / Zenimax. It will make its announcement in 2021.
With the widespread use of Game PassXbox has closed the gap with PlayStation. For many console players, it has become quite logical to switch from PlayStation to Xbox, even with what Gama Pass offers. In our country, it is possible to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC for a fee of 30 TL per month. In Game Pass, it is possible to play dozens of popular games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020ControlForza Horizon 4Gears 5.

The consoles of both brands were sold out for a short time, although they came to the market at extremely high prices due to exchange rates and taxes in our country. Xbox Series X and Series S have started to appear in the stocks of online shopping sites again with their launch prices. However, PlayStation 5 found buyers on the black market for a while. In these days the PlayStation 5  10,500,000 possible to find as importers pounds being guaranteed prices.

It is not known how much of the rumors on the list happened, but based on the list, it is possible to say that 2021 will be quite active for the Xbox front. The counter moves of the PlayStation front will be eagerly awaited by the game lovers.
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