Valheim producer: "We will update frequently"

Valheim is one of the most influential  games of the last period. Although not even 1 month has passed since the release of the Survival RPG (Survival-Role-playing) game, it is mentioned with the records it broke one after another. After the game itself, another good news came from Iron Gate Studios, the producer of the game. Apparently, the year 2021 will be full of innovations for Valheim lovers…

Valheim will receive 3 major updates in 2021

Iron Gate Studios is apparently determined to blow the wind in Valheim through 2021. In other words, the planned updates will keep the excitement of gamers alive throughout the year. So much so that Henrik Törnqvistone of the founders of Iron Gate Studios, already promised 3 updates and 1 patch in an interview with PCGamer. He even talked about the names of these updates, and briefly what they will bring to the game.

First, an update called Hearth and Home will meet players. In summary, we  can say that the main focus of this update is "home building and materials". In addition, this update will include new recipes and items. The next update is called "Cult of The Wolf". The biggest innovation that this update will bring will be new combat techniques. Also, Tornqvist pointed out that this Cult of The Wolf may also contain new biomes (biome). The title of the last and third update will be "Ships and The Sea". Of course, as the name suggests, this update is entirely for shipbuilding.will focus. What's more, this update will expand the ocean biome as well. In addition to these 3 main updates, a patch will be added to the game. The patch named "Mistlands" will bring new bosses, items, resources and new enemies to the game.

Here are some statistics about Valheim, which fell like a bomb on the game market.

Just 16 days passed over the exit of Valheim. However, even this short time was enough for the game to shake the market. Here are the figures describing Valheim's success:
  • It reached 2 million sales in the first 13 days.
  • At the time of the summit, more than 376 thousand people played the game at the same time.
  • Despite not being on sale at Steam's Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) sale event, it reached the top.
  • It pushed GTA 5 years later out of the top 10 on the list of games played by the most people at the same time.
Source: IGNTheVerge
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