Terraria won't come to Google Stadia for an interesting reason!

Terraria is not officially coming to GoogleStadia. The developer of the game gave up bringing the game to the platform because it could not access Google services.

All Google services of Terraria producer have been shut down!

2D open world games continue to evolve in the gaming world. In this category, which many successful producers have handled, sometimes even a single person can make the games. Terraria, one of the successful examples of these games, also has an important place in the game world. The game, which has been developing since its release and attracting the appreciation of the players, also comes to new platforms. The game, which appears on almost every device with a screen, would soon enter Google Stadia. However, things did not go as expected.

Andrew Spinks, who was the producer of the game, gave up releasing the popular game to Stadia. An interesting incident lies behind the development that caused the sadness of the fans. According to Andrew Spinks' claim, Google disabled all the developer's accounts. Stating that he could not use Google services for 3 weeks, the producer announced that the 15-year-old Gmail account no longer exists. Andrew Spinks, who contacted Google to resolve the issue and did not get a positive response, burned the ships. Stadia, the developer game unhappy with Google's attitudeHe decided not to bring it to. The fact that the game, which managed to sell close to 30 million copies, could not come to Stadia, upset the fans for now. Let's see if Andrew Spinks can fix his problem with Google, and we'll see.
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