5 Things That Unintentionally Ruin Your Sex Life

5 Things That Unintentionally Ruin Your Sex Life
Is your sex life not the way you want it? This may have a number of different reasons. Finding what's ruining your sex life is the first and most important step in getting it back on track. Let's look at the reasons that affect your sex life, if you are not aware of it ...

Electronic devices

5 Things That Unintentionally Ruin Your Sex Life

This may be the number one thing that interferes with your sex life. Smartphones, iPads, iPods, laptops and more have changed our world.

Although electronic devices help us get a lot of work done, they also keep them away from real life and social relationships. Spending too much time with these devices also interrupts your sex life.


When we say busy work life, home jobs, maybe the responsibility of children, stress, we get tired during the day. Sometimes we are so exhausted by the running of life that we cannot even spare time for ourselves. At this point, naturally, we neglect our partner. All of these affect your sex life.

You should create a relaxation space for yourself, remembering that sex is not a task but a form of rest, feeling good, being happy.

Medication side effects

There are some medications that can really affect your sex drive. Especially antidepressants and birth control pills ... In any situation where medications affect your libido, you should talk to your doctor.

There may be other medications you can take that will not have the same side effects. If not, your doctor may have some suggestions to help you.

Fertility problems

Struggling with infertility, whether you want to have a child or not, also have negative effects on your sex drive. The fact that sex turns into an action that has to be done to have children rather than pleasure reduces your libido.

Feeling under pressure kills romance. While having children is important, it's important to build an emotional bond to maintain this special part of your relationship with your partner.

Sleeping at different times

This is not something that will apply to every couple. But if you live together, lying down at different times could be one reason sex doesn't happen often. Sleeping together gives you more sex opportunities.
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