macOS update will be for third party device protection

The new macOS update resolves non-Apple accessory usage problems on MacBook computers, the company says.

The update we mentioned, after the recent update to the non-charging state in 2016 and 2017 modelsIt is the second update focused on solving power problems in Apple laptops. However, the new update focuses on protecting Apple devices in case of the use of third-party station devices.
In fact, according to reports, in the MacBook Pro after 2019 and the MacBook Air after 2020There are some problems if they are connected to USB-C stations and multiplexers.

In fact, over seventy M1 MacBook Pro users via RedditThey report problems with their device if they are connected to the USB-C multiplexer. Many users say that M1 laptops stopped responding shortly after they were connected to these ports. The common point of this problem is that all of the chargers are non-Apple brands.
In the notes released for macOS 11.2.2Apple acknowledges this problemRegarding this, the incoming update will prevent problems that may occur when computers connect to third party devices.
Therefore, for those who have such a problem, the new macOS update seems to solve this situation. Also, even if you have not turned on automatic updating, you can check your updates in System Options and Software Update, as usual, to make sure your computer receives the update.
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