Clubhouse continues its crazy rise in the App Store!

You 've probably heard of the Clubhouse app, the popular voice chat / podcast / conference app that has been making headlines in the past few weeks. If you're still wondering what this app really does and how you can join the platform, check out our post and hit the waiting list (or ask a friend to invite you). But be quick, because the app is really flying right now.

Clubhouse continues in popularity

App Annie, a research firm, shared the data they obtained about the application. According to the data received, Clubhouse's user base has grown more than fourfold since December 2020. The Clubhouse reopened in April 2020 and had only 1,500 users until May 2020The joining of big names like Elon Musk to the platform instantly increased the attention to the application. However, the number of users exceeded 1 million and the popularity of the platform peaked.

Data from App Annie shows that Clubhouse has been downloaded more than 8 million times in the App Store. Analysts predict that this trend will continue to increase positively. Looking at the chart, we can see a really steep curve from mid-January. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also recently joined the Clubhouse. Zuckerberg not only joined the platform, but also wanted a similar app to be developed under the Facebook brand, so the app created huge ripples in the tech world.
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