Apple has already started working for 6G!

Apple is not a company known for being one of the first to implement new technologies. The company generally does not share new technologies with users until it reaches its own quality standards. However, it seems that he is planning to act against this attitude on 6G. California-based electronics giant started human resources studies for 6G network technologies...

Apple is looking for engineers for 6G R&D studies!

Apple just released its 12th generation phones last October, the first iPhone capable of 5G cellular network connectivity. Although little time has passed since the release of these iPhones, the company has already started looking for engineers for 6G work. The most important reason for the American technology giant to take this step is to be a leader in 6G technology. Apparently, Apple does not want to be dependent on other companies anymore.

As you know, 5G modems of 12th generation iPhones are produced by Qualcomm. However, Apple recently announced that it is developing its own cellular modem. 6G engineers will work in the company's Silicon Valley and San Diego offices in California, according to the job post published by Apple, which is looking for engineersThese offices are also the offices where Apple is working on wireless network development.

So what is 6G?

6G is the name of the 6th generation wireless network connection, as the name suggests. With the advancement of technology, today's wireless networks will fail to meet the needs. At this point, 6G will come to our rescue. However, how long it will take this technology to become widespread is not yet clear. According to researches, 6G will provide higher frequency links, which means that delays are much lower. In fact, according to estimates in the now gigahertz we express the frequency values, rather than terahertz'l to bahsedeger the expressed values. In terms of speed, it is said that astonishing values such as 1 TeraByte per second can be achieved.Two other companies working on this issue and that we all know well are Samsung and Huawei. As soon as 6G enters our lives, it is certain that such innovations create excitement.
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