Apple VR glasses are coming! Here's what we know about the $3000 device

Apple is coming up with new sectors and product groups that it plans to enter in the near future. Of course, the most important of these, and perhaps the most prominent, is Apple Car. However, it seems Apple Car is not the only major project of the American tech giant. In addition, the company is also working on VR glasses, according to the latest rumors. The $ 3000 price tag of the product, which is expected to be a fully 'premium' product, and much more...

Apple VR: 8K resolution, 12 Cameras and more

Apple VR glasses are one of the most popular topics on the Apple side of recent months. We got the clearest details about the product, which is constantly on the agenda with various leaks, with  The Information's  latest report. Perhaps the most striking detail of the report is that Apple VR will come with an 8K resolution. This 8K image  will reach you with the 12 cameras on the device . In addition, the cameras will not only transmit the image outside, but will also track your hand movements. In addition, these 12 cameras will be accompanied by LIDAR sensorsSpeaking of design and materials thoughWe can say that these items are inspired by Apple's other products. So much so that the point of the glasses touching your face will use a fabric mesh material similar to HomePod and AirPods Max . Another familiar material is the Apple Watch-like elastic band that will fix the glasses on your head . There is no information yet on whether we can replace these bands like Apple Watch. Finally, on the processor side , the glasses will be powered by Apple's Silicon technology. The processor that will power Apple VR is said to be even more powerful than Apple's M1 chip.

Will be released in 2022 with a price tag of $3000

Another highlight of The Information's  report is the possible price of the glasses. So much so that, according to the report, Apple VRwill come with a price tag as high as $3000. In other words, it will be one of the most expensive VR glasses on the market. Despite this price, which will obviously exceed the budget of many people, it is a fact that there are many Apple lovers to buy the glasses. Finally, Apple VR will be released in 2022, according to Bloomberg's  report.

Source: iPhoneInCanadaTheInformationBloomberg

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